BORDERLIFE is an apostolic Kingdom Community and core church of CongressWBN. As a core community, we carry and express the same core values, mentalities, attitudes and prophetic purposes.

Our tagline, "eternity touching time", describes the intent of the  of the Lord  to interface with man and represents our posture to always tilt heavenwards. 

We describe ourselves as a Kingdom Community to represent the reality that we have been moved far away from the old static positions of a religious faith built around a church service to the realization of a people who express God through the abundance of lifestyle.

At BorderLife, through our numerous activities, individuals are empowered to discover and fulfill their unique and personal destinies in Christ and are elevated to a platform of purposeful living.

We are committed to the building and releasing of a new mentality believer, totally obedient to the Lord and to His Kingdom, in covenant relationship with each other and giving each individual a fresh opportunity to know God for themselves.

Through every message, every song and every interaction, our focus is on knowing God, experiencing Him in a deeper way and aligning to His purpose.

God wants to do great things through your life!