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Congress WBN (C-WBN) is a unique, global, faith-based organisation headquartered in Trinidad & Tobago. The Congress is focused on effecting human, social and national transformation through the propagation of clearly defined moral, ethical, and values-based principles, patterns, and approaches.


QuarryLife.com is a male empowerment resource website designed for men who are ready to engage in a process of radical personal transformation in order to become effective leaders in their homes and communities.


A strong building thrust of the prophetic into churches and leaders based on nearly three decades of diverse experience in leadership and the prophetic.


We are in a day when God is speaking to His Global Church. At the same time, the earth is gripped by unprecedented challenges. Social, economic, political, ethical and leadership crises are shaking organisations, countries and entire regions.

Come be edified and equipped to develop strong leaders and effective church communities. It is time for a new release of energy and grace from God in every dimension of life - personal, family and church. It is time for the light of God to arise and shine!